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Recent Visual Design Projects

Angle Your Aim (AYA) is a brand design agency that offers a wide range of tailored solutions to make your business or product stand out. Our services include: Brand Design, Event Graphics Design, Interior Graphics and Page Layout. We create logos, motion graphics, event graphics, step and repeat backdrops, signages, stationeries and other solutions to bring your design alive throughout your entire brand.


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We create Ready-to-Use stationery templates inspired by what we observed our clients’ need. We want to offer design concepts accessible for everyone that support diverse clients’ busineses such as in Healthcare, Technology, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Education, Well-being, Building, Insurance, Investment, Legal, Real Estate and more.

Clients Say About Angle Your Aim

Presenting your brand visually, especially (but not only) on your print materials, events, interior spaces, website(s) and social media channels is an ongoing need for building trust with your customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Wonmi Rho


“Ani provided professional design and marketing to create and finalize the name of the outlets, their logo and marketing communication planning. I found Ani to be very creative, passionate and dedicated to her work. She accomplished the assignment successfully despite of having to use her personal time to finish it.”

Alexandre EA


“Ani worked for UBIFRANCE Vietnam. I was immensely pleased with her high level of talent, her creativity and passion for design. We really appreciated all the artwork she created for us. She is very responsible and dedicated at work and can handle multiple projects at the same time never letting down our expectations.”

Fanny Quertamp


“Ani has been chosen by PADDI for the design and installation of the exhibition “Meandering through the city”. We appreciated her highly creative side of work that she carries in a very professional way. She delivered design quality within a timeline and demonstrated a great involvement throughout our project. Ani has been a great asset for the success of the exhibition.”

Jean-Philippe Beghin


“Ani and I had the pleasure to redesign all communication material for a Luxury Resort, this included all marketing and sales collateral and an entire website. Ani created an amazing stylish look and assisted us in the production of this material. She displayed great creativity, flexibility and the ability to execute high level of qualitative designs. Ani has a great sense of style.”

Our Clients